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The Quantex Technologies facility in Kitchener, Ontario has been processing industrial waste streams since 1979.  
Quantex Facilities

Quantex currently owns two waste treatment and recycling facilities located in central Ontario, allowing us to provide prompt, efficient services and quality products to Ontario, Quebec and the Eastern Provinces as well the North Eastern United States.


The Quantex Technologies facility in Kitchener, Ontario has been processing industrial waste streams since 1979. This facility specializes in the treatment of oily wastes from oil refining, metalworking and plating industries. The bulk of wastes received at this site are complex oily waters and emulsified oils that cannot be treated with continuous flow treatment systems, so that each waste shipment received must be individually analyzed and undergo a treatment process specifically tailored to its individual characteristics.

The facility is also permitted for the bulking and transfer of small quantity wastes. In excess of 30 million litres are processed at this facility annually.

In order to offer services that are of the utmost efficiency and comply with all governmental and environmental regulations, Quantex Technologies employees all possess degrees or diplomas in science and engineering as well as expertise and experience in the field. This translates into a skilled team of plant operators with strong chemical and mechanical aptitudes and ultimately a clean and organized waste treatment facility.

Each operator is exposed to all facets of waste treatment; from thorough laboratory analysis of incoming and outgoing materials to air and effluent discharges, load scheduling and routine plant maintenance. Because of this approach Quantex has been able to compile a team that is capable of performing all processing duties as well as self-addressing and implementing solutions to problem areas should they arise.

In addition to post-secondary education, our employees have attended seminars and are also trained in spill response, Ontario Regulation 347, WHMIS, hazard evaluation, confined space entry, first aid, propane handling, tow motor safety and the Transportation of Dangerous Goods.

Quantex’s Kitchener facility is licensed by the Ontario Ministry of the Environment (Provisional Certificate of Approval #A650133) to receive and process:

  oily wastes: 251, 252, 253, 254
  acid solutions: 112, 113, 114
  alkaline solutions: 122
  petroleum distillates 213
  light & heavy fuels: 221, 222
To bulk and transfer:  
  acid solutions: 111, 112, 113, 114
  alkaline solutions: 121, 122, 123
  aqueous salts: 131, 132, 133, 134, 135
  misc. organics: 141, 142, 143, 144, 145,146,147,148,149,150
  organic wastes: 211, 212, 213
  fuels: 221, 222
  resins and plastics: 231, 232, 233
  halogenated organic wastes: 241,242
  oily wastes: 251, 252, 253, 254
  mixed wastes:

261, 262, 263, 264, 265, 266,267,268, 269, 270

  processed organics wastes: 281,282


Quantex Technologies’ standard practice is to obtain a representative sample from all new customers and perform a complete waste profile of the material for the proposed job well in advance of giving a final quote. From this analytical data, we are can then quote an accurate and firm price for the overall processing of the waste material.

Before being accepted for processing in our plant, all waste materials are tested in our on-site laboratory for polychlorinated biphenyls, flash point, pH, conductivity, refractive index, density, BS&W, various metals and treatability. Additional tests may be carried out at this point, if there is a marked discrepancy between these results and the analytical data on the original waste characterization sheet, or if other contaminants that may pose a problem are suspect.

Once the material is accepted for processing, it is unloaded into one of our sixteen processing tanks ranging in size from 8,000 litres to 36,000 litres. This allows our operators to segregate loads and treat each shipment on a batch basis. This further enables us to individualize the treatment process to each specific load. All loads accepted by our facility are processed thoroughly and in a timely manner once they are received. No materials are stored on the premises.

Our treatment process is based on a chemical/physical treatment of emulsions and oily waters. Once treated, the emulsion or oily water is broken into three phases: oil, water and solids. The water phase is directed to the water treatment tank where it is processed to meet sanitary sewer discharge criteria.
Since a significant portion of wastes received at our facility are from the metalworking and plating industries, Quantex has developed extensive experience in the precipitation and removal of dissolved metals from wastewaters. Once the water has been treated to meet sanitary sewer discharge criteria it is filtered and discharged. Our effluent is monitored by the Regional Municipality of Waterloo to ensure that it meets all criteria for discharge to a sanitary sewer.

Solids are centrifuged and treated to ensure that they meet sanitary landfill criteria and the recovered oil is either bulked and sent to a re-refinery or further processed through our vacuum distillation unit. It is ultimately filtered to produce a lubricant base stock.


Quantex Technologies Inc. is also able to custom recycle oils for specific customers. In these cases, the oil that is to be recycled is transported to our facility in Kitchener, Ontario, were it is processed through our vacuum distillation unit and filter pressed to remove carbon fines and other solids to less than one micron. The oil is then analyzed and the required additives are blended into the oil. The oil is then reanalyzed, to ensure that it meets original specifications. Prior to shipment the oil is passed through a one-micron or finer polishing filter.

All oils that are recycled by Quantex are completely segregated and processed on an individual basis, thus assuring our customers that they receive only their own oil. Also since Quantex is not in the business of selling new product and our pricing is based on the actual volume of oil returned rather than the volume received for processing, it is in our best interest to recover as much oil as is possible.


Each of Quantex Technologies’ facilities operates its own in-house analytical laboratory. Our laboratories are well equipped with state-of-the-art analytical instrumentation for the analysis of industrial wastes. The primary function of our laboratories is to provide analytical support for plant operations, but each laboratory is also extensively involved in environmental testing and consulting for the various projects that Quantex is involved in.


Quantex also operates its own fleet of vacuum loading tankers and drum trucks and trailers (Provisional Certificate of Approval #A820133) giving us the opportunity to offer complete and reliable service. Tanker capacities range from 13,000 to 25,000 litres. All transport vehicles are replaced every five years.

Quantex is licensed to transport liquid wastes in Ontario, Quebec, the Eastern Provinces, New York, Pennsylvania and Michigan. Drivers are trained in all aspects of waste handling including hazard assessment, WHMIS, confined space entry, spill response, Regulation 347 and the Transportation of Dangerous Goods.


Along with the operation of its own facility, Quantex has vast experience with the design, installation and operation of various other on-site treatment systems, ranging from the simple filtration of processing oils and solvents to complete site-remediation projects. The company brings forth a dedicated team of professionals that offer an impressive variety of on-site industry-related services that range from emergency response services to tank cleaning and liquid system maintenance. The company employs over twenty people all of whom are able to offer innovative and creative solutions to modern-day waste management.

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