Quantex Companies

Quantex began in 1964 as Maritime Oil Services Ltd. The company’s primary business was the collection and processing of used oil and on-site services to the petroleum refining industry.  The company has continually adapted its services and operational procedures to meet ever-changing environmental policies and sustainability initiatives.

In the early 1990’s Quantex designed and constructed the first modern waste treatment facility in Nova Scotia. The facility, located in Dartmouth, specialized in the processing of wastewaters, oils and petroleum sludge. The investment proved to be very successful, and three additional facilities were acquired over the next nine years.  The business then expanded into Ontario with the aquisition of the first Kitchener site and then the first Toronto site.  The Toronto facility, located on Cherry Street in the Toronto Portlands was formerly an oil re-refinery operated by Canadian Oil that was a fully owned subsidiary of Shell Oil Company.  In 2015 and 2016 the company acquired additional sites in Toronto, and Kitchener.

From its Ontario-based facility Quantex provides quality and efficient services to clients in Ontario, Quebec, the Eastern Provinces and the North Eastern United States. Primary services include waste oil recovery, oily water, wash water, chemical lab-pack processing, industrial hazardous waste and special waste destruction. Additional industrial and on-site services such as vacuum truck service, hydro blasting, tank cleaning, lagoon sludge processing, site decommissioning and soil remediation combine to make Quantex Environmental a leading provider of environmental waste management services.  With the recent expansion in Kitchener Quantex is positioned to provide safe, secure and environmentally responsible secured d estruction services to the pharmaceutical, cosmetics food and consumer products industries.