Quantex Solutions

Quantex Solutions operates as the industry-facing brand of Quantex Technologies Inc., Quantex Environmental Inc. and Return-Tech Inc.  As a group the privately owned environmental management companies have been operating in Canada, the Northeastern United States and overseas for over fifty years.  Quantex Solutions has use of four facilities in Ontario - two in Kitchener, Ontario and two in Toronto, Ontario. In addition, Quantex is involved in several ongoing special projects both in Canada and overseas. Quantex boasts an exceptional track record in terms of customer service, compliance with governmental regulations and innovation in the waste management industry.

As the sum of its parts Quantex Solutions is a formidable service provider in the Canadian and International Environmental Waste Management markets.  The company specializes in the transportation, processing and end disposal of pharmaceuticals and consumer products, bulk liquids, lab chemicals and a broad range of hazardous materials.  Quantex Solutions also provides industrial and on-site services such as vacuum truck service, hydro blasting, tank cleaning, lagoon sludge processing, site decommissioning, slop oil recovery and soil remediation. 

Quantex Solutions is an innovative leader, committed to preserving our natural environment and adhering to strict government regulations.  Our clients come form high-tech, biotech, utilities, oil, pharmaceutical, chemical and government sectors.  While our customers are broad based they all share the confidence of knowing that their environment or waste-disposal needs are being managed with the utmost care, timeliness and efficiency.