Return-Tech Inc.

Return-Tech Inc. is a company formed by Quantex Environmental.  This corporation holds the environmental permits for Quantex's new facility located at 244 Shoemaker Street in Kitchener.   Quantex Solutions is a registered trade and operating name of Return-Tech and Quantex Environmentalacts as the customer-facing brand in all situations.

The 244 Shoemaker Street facility is home to services relating to the end-of-life process for wastes generated by pharmaceutical, consumer products, food and health & beauty manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers and retailers.  Operations are focused on providing sustainable, ethical, responsible and cost-effective solutions to these industries where protection of brands and social responsibility are of paramount concern. The business is permitted to transport, receive, transfer and process hazardous and non-hazardous wastes.

Quantex Solutions' customers generate these types of wastes by means of production, distribution, market withdraw, returns & recalls, packaging changes, product expiration and damage.  As a key value to its clients, Quantex Solutions also manages the disposal of hazardous wastes, bulk waste and other industrial special waste.  This direct service model reduces the exposure created by a network of sub-contracted waste brokers.

This site offers a menu of destruction services and utilizes a number of Disposal Vendors for the proper treatment and disposal of the residuals it generates as process waste.  An experienced team of Environmental and Regulatory professionals supports the business of Quantex Solutions and as such the company is capable of making informed and correct decisions when characterizing products and waste for a compliant method of disposal.

Return-Tech is best positioned to ensure that all waste is handled and treated in the correct manner, all of the time.