Hazardous Waste

Complete Hazardous Waste Management confidence from beginning to end - Since 1964, Quantex has taken the lead in identifying the most cost-efficient, environmentally sound options for hazardous waste management.  Our diverse treatment facilities bring a complete range of alternatives to our customers. Rely on Quantex for the most comprehensive hazardous and reliable waste disposal services.

Complete Transportation and Disposal Services - Quantex offers a number of waste stream disposal options. Whether you have an exotic water-reactive waste or simply paint or oil waste, our establishments provide fast, expert service that’s unmatched in the industry.

  • Lab Chemical Disposal / Recycling
  • Crude Oil Reclamation
  • Industrial Oil Recycling
  • Waste Water Treatment
  • Fuel Blending
  • Waste Chemical Processing
  • Hazardous Waste Services

Complete Laboratory Chemical Management Services - Our chemists collect, label and package all quantities of chemicals and hazardous waste for transportation and disposal.

  • Lab Chemical Packaging
  • Reactive Material Services
  • Laboratory Moves
  • Transportation of bulks, drums and palletized wastes
  •  Lab Analysis