Secured Product Destruction

Quantex Solutions manages the end-of-life of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food and consumer products.
The business is focused on providing sustainable, ethical, responsible and cost-effective solutions to these industries where protection of brands and social responsibility are of paramount concern.  The business is permitted to transport, receive, transfer and process hazardous and non-hazardous wastes.

Quantex is ideally positioned to manage the entire process of secured destruction and has the attention to detail, compliance, oversight and service that is required by its clients.  Quantex understands the liability associated with branded pharmaceuticals as well as the domestic and international regulations associated with compliant disposition.

Quantex ultilizes technology and modern processes to provide its customers with the most efficient access to data, reports, invoices and auditable destruction.  Quantex is more then a waste company – it is a provider of unique solutions that embrace and utilize processes and practices that are unique to the industry.