Quantex is focussed on sustainable operations.  Sustainability should not be just a word that is casually used like many other millenial buzz words.  It must be a mindset, a way of life and top of mind in business management.  At Quantex we believe this, feel this and make decisions with this in mind.  We recover, reuse, repurpose, reformulate and remanufacture when and where possible all with the express permission of our clients.

The recovery and recycling of cardboard, paper, metal and plastic is simple.  More difficult laminated and manufactured materials are recycled where markets exists.  Containers such as pails, drums, boxes and totes are reused where allowed and wooden pallets are reused or returned as needed.  Our operational procedures and permit allows for the reuse and resale of waste.

Quantex, along with its’ team of technical and environmental experts, has provided a unique hands-on approach to waste management in Canada and around the world.  The business has grown over the past fifty years to include multiple transfer and processing facilities and a fleet of tractors, trailers / tankers, vacuum trucks and straight trucks.  The company offers safe, compliant and secure hazardous and non-hazardous waste.  

Quantex is perfectly positioned to be a sustainable value-add partner.